Sunday, May 13, 2012

Winter Sauvie Island Adventure

Sauvie Island is one of my favorite close to home adventures but I had never experienced it in winter.  So, in late Feb, during a lull in snowshoeing, and on a cloudy rainy day we thought we would give it a try.

It was great to see the green moss and the mist over the water.  Amy had a blast exploring the muddy trail.

We took time just to enjoy the wetland view and experience the damp beauty found there.

There were many ducks and birds and frogs to listen to and watch.

There were marshy fields, a lake, and the Columbia River.

Every time I cross the Sauvie Island Bridge I feel I have entered a special place, close to Portland, yet quite unique and separate from Portland life.

The only drawback to Sauvie Island is the parking fee, quite steep, but I figure I save the money in gas by not venturing to a farther destination, and the shorter drive time also makes a trip to Next Adventure possible!

We completed a loop- continuing to enjoy the trees, water, and mud.

At the beginning/ end of the loop was a picnic shelter, so we were able to enjoy our warm soup and bread without getting wet, an extra special treat!

It was a nice leisurely hike.  We are sure to be back when we need a break from the riggers of climbing mountains and a close to home retreat.

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