Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Very Rainy Day

 It was a very rainy day in Oregon.  Not so great for hiking or snowhoeing but we are NOT fare weather hikers.  So we decided to drive toward my favorite waterfall, Falls Creek Falls.  Unfortunately, I was not aware that the gate is closed in the winter.
Since we had driven quite a ways, we decided to explore the road and woods nearby.  By this time it was pouring out and Sarah was wearing jeans (not a great choice on a cold rainy day), but Amy was so happy with all the puddles that this made up for it!
We had a delicious hot lunch to help warm us up mid trip.
 We saw puddles and moss and a beautiful stream and got back to the car in good spirits and refreshed.  Fortunately I had extra pants for poor Sarah whose jeans were feeling quite heavy by this point.
Don't let anything stop the adventures from coming.  All weather has beauty and  we Oregonians have to adapt to rainy days!  They keep us hearty!

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