Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cascadia State Park

 This was an awesome bushwacking adventure in a new area for me East of Sweet Home.  The trees were tall and mossy and we felt like we'd stepped into some wilderness in this state park.

The water level was so high in the streams and river!  It was pretty awesome and we expected the waterfall at the end of the trail to be spectacular!

Since it was March, there had been little trail maintenance in the park so we were enjoying bushwhacking our way over trees and lots of climbing, always a favorite pastime for Amy.

This was our first time gaining elevation in awhile since we tend to enjoy flatter snowshoe hikes.  We were breathing hard but it was short and we were all making it happen.

As expected, the waterfall was spectacular!

 It was great to have a rock to climb to soak in the view before enjoying a fabulous cooked lunch.

We soaked in the view for quite awhile before eating lunch and continuing our exploration.

Amy and Sarah both did a bit of climbing on the other side of the trail while I was cooking.

After lunch we headed back down the trail to a flatter walk along the river.

Amy often talks about "Raging Rivers" but this river really was raging and we kept her very close to us as she threw rocks in the water.

She had some opportunities for some "tree hugging".

The trail turned into a stream, much to her delight.  Both she and Sarah were wearing rubber boots but I only had hiking boots on so I think I got the raw end of the deal with the trail wading experience.

We forged ahead until we could forge no longer and then turned around and tromped back through the very wet flowing trail.

We enjoyed the skunk cabbage along the way and Sarah introduced Amy to the concept of a Seesaw log.

On the way home, everyone got a treat.  Amy got her chocolate ice cream and I got cheese curds and a thrift store shop.

We ended our adventure in Salem enjoying Santa Fe Taco Company with Nana.  What a lovely day.  Bushwhacking is great for the soul I say!

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