Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deep Snow and an Awesome Skiing Snow Woman

In February, Sarah, Amy, and I took a very long drive over Santiam Pass to a snow park we had not visited before- Ibeneck.  The snow was so deep!  We enjoyed blazing a trail through the woods in this very deep, somewhat wet and sticky snow.

It was pretty to be in the trees and the snow.  Amy tried to do some skiing but the skis got so buried in snow it was not very effective until we got onto a road that had ski ruts. 

We enjoyed our peaceful walk through the big trees even though blazing trail is never easy.  We kept the snowshoe a little shorter than usual to account for the effort.

When we stopped to cook lunch we made an awesome skiing snow woman.  Amy helped with the design and enjoyed this part of our day very much.

On the road, Amy enjoyed some skiing and heading back down to the car was so much easier.  We all had a great time exploring a new area and just being together in the snow covered woods.

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