Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sleeping Beauty Mt. Adams Fall Sunshine

On a beautiful sunny fall day I went for a long drive with Oreo dog and my friend Corrine to a great hike with views of Mt. Adams, Sleeping Beauty.
Oreo dog was ready to pull me up a mountain as always. We hiked through the woods- 1.6 miles of steep to some great rockery at the top.
We spent some time exploring the high rocks and basking in the sunshine and mountain views.
Mt. Adams was right in front of us.
It was a great view.
In the distance was Mt. St. Helens.
Here I am in my mountain revelry and delight!
Oreo was keeping track of Corrine behind me and other hikers at the top.
Mt. Rainier in the distance.
More Mt. St. Helens.
Mt. Adams up close.
On top of the world!
Enjoying the sunshine.
Oreo always wants to keep going. She was happy to join us.
Mt. Adams beauty.
Hey, why aren't we going somewhere?
We went over to the site of the fire lookout on the other side of the rocks, still enjoying the mountains and the sunshine.
I can't get enough of this view!
Looking across the rocky spine.
Oreo is queen of the mountain.
I could stay up here a lot longer but it was time to head back toward the trailhead and back to town.
I enjoyed the rocks on the way back down. My heart feels happy and full from this adventure. Loving the fall sunshine!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

On Top of the World- Basking in the Fall Mt. View

It was a beautiful SUNNY October day. Oreo dog and I set out for the Mirror Lake trailhead on a Monday without the crowds with our friend Sarah who I have missed hiking with. I have been under an amazing amount of work stress so hiking with or without children has been a huge priority.
With Oreo dog pulling me up the hill we made it to Mirror Lake in record time.
We wandered around Mirror Lake. The reflection of snow covered Mt. Hood was lovely.
We continued up toward the top of Tom Dick and Harry Mountain stopping to enjoy the fall color.
When we got to the top we enjoyed the amazing view of Mt. Hood!
The panoramic mountain view was fantastic- Mt. Adams in the distance.
Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier could also be seen in the distance.
We savored in the view from the top and worked on cooking some lunch and making coffee.
Oreo dog tried to steal the lunch and drink the coffee as well as wanting to chase a chipmunk off the cliff. I held tightly to her leash.
Sarah enjoyed the view while Oreo dog could not figure out why we had stopped!
Mt. Jefferson?
Enjoying being so close to Mt. Hood.
Oreo dog and I hanging out at the mountain viewpoint.
Mt. St. Helens looking lovely in the distance.
We headed back down and enjoyed the fall colors reflecting on the lake.
What a wonderful fall day to let go of stress, catch up on future hopes, and bask in the mountain views.
We gave the lake one last look and headed down toward the car.
Oreo dog led the way. I gave her a B for hiking today because she is pulling hard after all the little animals but having a dog pull you up a mountain is not always a bad thing!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dog and Kid Wet Romp

 Mom: We headed out with friends to Thousand Acres Dog Park on the Sandy River Delta. We were a little nervous about Oreo because we were not sure if she would come back since this is not a fenced dog park and she is so fast. She had two chances to run near a huge mud puddle and here at the Sandy River.
 Amy:The sandy river was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Analise: I liked the river and getting super wet! 😇😂👺💗💂👰👻👽💦💥👅
 Analise: I liked playing with Oreo in the water and climbing the tree! 🐕🍦🍝🍐🍇🍉🍰🐚🐈🐆🍧🐶🐬🍱🐏🐓🐔🐦🍭🍚🍛🍦🍗🍟🍡🍩
 Mom: Our friends youngest daughter has the same name as my youngest- Annalise.
 Amy: I fell twice.
 Analise: I liked hiking with friends Michael and the other Annalise! 🎅🎄🎐🎏🎸🎹🎺🎰🎓🂴♦🀢🀡🀨🂧🃊🃂🂭🂢🂧🃎🂬🃊🃘🂸🃂🃂🃂🏆🎽
 Analise: Me making a silly face! 🕘🔮🔑💎👟💐💮💉👜📺🔍📶📹📢📣📑📑
 Analise: My friend Michael and I were testing who was taller. Michael is a little taller. 👰👧💢😉💖💅😏😏💭😑😑😚😈👳👈👧👶👧💟💆💘💙💙💝💝
 Amy: Oreo was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Analise: Oreo got to play off leash and I got to dance with her in mud puddles!⛖🏰🏰🚩🚢🚘🚏🏬🏡🏯🚀🏦🏦🚖🚕🚃🚃🚏🚗🗻🚙🚄⛨⛩⛩⛩🚂🛅🛅🛅🚳🚳🚗🚙🚚🚔
 Amy: There was a big puddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Analise: I splashed in the big puddle while Oreo played chase. I was playing Capture the Flag🌐🌌♊🌍🌞🌟🔥🌕⛎♏♒🌚🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌊★🌙🌠
 Analise: I loved watching Moana in my friends van and was playing Moana while puddle splashing! 🅩🅰🅱🅲🅳🅴🅵🅶🅷🅸🅹🅺🅙🅚🅛🈠🈯🈚🅿🅿🆑🆑🅣
 Mom: Oreo was playing chase with the other dogs but didn't follow anybody home and stayed with "her pack". The kids were wading up to their waists in the puddle and river which I was not expecting in mid October but I am glad to have hearty Oregonian children!
Mom: It was a really fun and wet adventure. We headed back to dry and warm up.