Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beautiful Clear Day at White River, Mt. Hood

What an amazing beautiful day for a snowshoe adventure.  Clear skies and sun led me and my crew in search of a good view.
I can't believe I have never been snowshoeing at White River before.  Despite the crowds, there is a view of Mt. Hood the entire way and it was just gorgeous!
The river itself was mostly frozen but we were able to snowshoe above it and enjoy an occasional glimpse of it through the snow.
The blue skies warmed us all the way through to the core.
Of course there were lots of snack breaks to be had.
We admired the snow covered rocks and wanted to explore and climb them when possible.
Mt. Hood loomed in the distance as we continued our trek toward it.
Amy did not want to ski the entire time but was determine to either follow the ski tracks or the big footprints from snowshoers.  She usually enjoys the challenge of the path of most resistance with her short legs!
When we got to our desired viewpoint destination, we took some time to soak it all in.  What an amazing mountain view on a beautiful sunny day.
Amy and I did sledded a very small hill (since I am pregnant and don't think sledding is on the approved list), but she and Sarah continued to look for bigger and bigger sledding hill challenges!
I so enjoyed just watching the fun of the sledding and soaking in the sunny mountainous view!
Amy, as is her custom, found some cozy holes to crawl into on our trek back.
We got one more glimpse of the mountain as the clouds overtook it.
What a fun day to enjoy each other's company and the beautiful mountain views!  What a gem of a snowpark.

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