Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oldman Pass Meander

Oldman Pass is a place up in Washington that I have always wanted to visit.  I love this area and was excited to see it covered in snow.

We took a long drive up to the ski park on this sunny day and found melting snow that was a little like Cascade Concrete, but was fun to explore nonetheless.

It was a beautiful day to meander through trees.  Amy was a bit less motivated than usual, so there were lots of breaks for snacks, water, lunch, and deep breaths.

We managed to build a very small snowman which is usually one of the requirements of a good snowshoeing trip when possible.

It is usually a "snowwoman" and is best when we can find some mossy hair for it.  Amy was pleased with this creation.

Amy did not want to put on her skis today so she trudged through the snow on foot like we did.  She stopped for several breaks in small holes that she found and thought would make good forts.

She also did some diving.

Though we did not have a view on this trip, we enjoyed taking the time to look up and the ski was absolutely beautiful today.

Unfortunately, due to the long drive and slowness of the meander, we were unable to check out the sledding hill near the snow park but that will have to be an adventure for another day.

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