Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost Lake Cabin Adventure

 It was March and our feet were itching for an overnight getaway.  We headed up to a cabin near Lost Lake.  It was a cloudy, rainy couple of days, but a lot of fun to be together there.

One of the highlights was playing lots of Frisbee.  Amy would start throwing the frisbee the opposite direction as Sarah or I and run after it and dive.  It soon became tackle frisbee!

Amy was also very excited to go for a morning hike in her pajamas and stay in her pajamas all night and all day!

We stopped to smell the skunk cabbage.

We continued our bushwacking for awhile and then headed back to the cabin to prepare for a snowshoeing adventure.

On the drive out toward lost lake, we stopped at the main house where some guys were doing a workday.  We shared brownies and they shared tea and homemade nut milk.  It was a nice visit.

We were curious about whether we could snowshoe to Lost Lake.  We drove up the road and needed chains about 7 miles from the lake.  We saw another vehicle's tracks and decided to continue.  Unfortunately, we got the Suburu stuck because it has low clearance about 50 feet into the snow.  With some rocking and digging we backed up and parked on dry pavement.

We decided to snowshoe up the road even though there was no hope of making it to the lake.  The snow was Cascade Concrete and it was very wet and rainy.  Snowshoeing in the rain is not my favorite, but we made the best of it by rolling, exploring, and taking lots of breaks.

Of course we had to build a snowman, which is our tradition!

Back at the cabin we made a fire and had S'Mores.  The cabin was cozy with a rocking chair and food prep table on the lower level and a sleeping loft with a mattress upstairs.  Of course, Amy spent a lot of time climbing up and down the stairs.  We also played lots of games and read lots of books.  Amy was quite amused by the "mouse alarm" in the main house which is a very annoying high pitched noise to deter mice.  We had quite a relaxing two days.  Then it was back to Hood River and home.

It was lunch time when we got to Hood River and Amy was snoring so Sarah and I had lunch without her in the car.  I pulled off at Cascade Locks and wouldn't you know she woke up in time for chocolate ice cream!

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