Monday, January 28, 2013

Dazling Fall Color Silver Falls Cabin Camping

 Silver Falls State Park is a wonderful place to visit with a 10 waterfall loop hike.  Though it was October, I was determined to camp one more time with the one month old baby Analise before the weather changed.  Since the weather changed a couple of days before this trip, I decided to go for cabin camping with my good friends the McCartys.

I was still on maternity leave, so Gil and I had a family day Friday, were able to secure a cabin, and enjoyed walking behind South Falls and found a tasty restaurant in Silverton for dinner.

Later that evening, after girls were somewhat asleep, the McCartys arrived to join the fun.  It was a small cozy one room cabin, but somehow the 8 of us fit just fine!  Baby Analise slept great without much crying at all.  It was one of her best nights yet!

The next day, the playing of four children (ages 8, 4, 4, & 3) and one small baby made the cabin feel a little too small as we prepped breakfast and had a leisurely morning enjoying the cabin.

We headed out for our waterfall loop hike in the late morning.  The rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy a long hike without cold wet kids.

It was great to enjoy the dazzling colors!  Baby Analise loved riding in the front pack and slept for most of the way between feedings.

Amy really enjoyed having Carolee to hike with, telling stories about fairies and entertaining each other well.

The waterfalls were lovely in their backdrop of fall color!

Continuing around the loop the kids were motivated with chocolate covered gummy bears courtesy of Janelle

It is so much fun to walk behind the powerful falls,feeling the spray kissing my face! 

I walked holding hands with the youngest McCarty, Elijah.  His smile and sense of wonder were contagious!  He was the best hiker of all the kids.  Meanwhile, Baby Analise slept away in the front pack. 

I felt so great camping and hiking with my one month old.  I had been hoping for a genuine tent camping experience but loved being able to get to Silver Falls in the off season and see the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by fall colors.

My girls and I felt cared for by the McCartys who wanted to have birthday cake for Baby Analise which we did with brownies, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a candle.  They came back to Portland to spend Sat evening with us much to the delight of Amy who was glad to have some kids to play with.