Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rushing Waterfall Fun

 We took a risk and drove out to Silver Falls on a day with 100% chance of rain and high winds. I thought this spot might be sheltered. We arrived with only two cars and the park to ourselves.
 My brother in law Josh and my Reedie friend Celebrity joined us for this adventure. We headed down behind South Falls.
 We embraced the rainy spray and the green moss everywhere.
 We continued down the trail and enjoyed the waterfall.
 Lots of wonderful mud to hike through.
 Analise walked a ways, enjoying her dad and uncle.
 Amy went to check out a stump. Analise turned back to meet us later down the trail.
 We found the next group of four waterfalls and took some time to enjoy the rushing water.
 We got to walk behind another waterfall.
 Amy enjoyed showing off our piece of paradise.
 Celebrity is becoming an Oregonian and was able to handle the rain and embrace the muddy trail.
 We continued along the creek, enjoying the mossy trees.
 We took the turn to the hidden waterfall and took a break at Double Falls.
 We enjoyed the overlook.

 The falls below the overlook.
 And then our hero saved us from a large falling tree.
 We got to Winter Falls, which mostly only flows in winter and was flowing freely.
 We took a last look at Winter Falls and headed up the hill.
 Amy was taking imaginary pictures and we took a selfie. Then we finished up the hill, met up with Gil and sleeping Analise, and enjoyed some cheese grits.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Eagle Creek Fun!

I saw that the weather was going up to 60 degrees on this springlike day in January 2015. Amy was six and Analise was 2.  The foggy Columbia River Gorge was magical, and despite the crowd, Eagle Creek was fantastic!
Disclaimer- you need to have a two and six year old who listen very well to take them on this hike. We had a conversation about safety before heading out.
They enjoyed the drips coming down from the rocks.
The foggy cool day was quite nice.
This trail is very green. Analise loved poking things with my hiking stick.
These sisters were really enjoying each other this day.
Amy took the lead but was careful and waited for us to catch up.
The water coming off the rock was impressive.
Eagle creek below loomed large.
Analise was determined to hold hands with her sister for much of this trip.
We love the Columbia River Gorge!
Analise wanted to pick rocks frequently and was determined to walk for much of this trail.
It was green and lush, and flowing all around us.
The side waterfalls were lovely.
We went down to enjoy the creek rocks for awhile.
It was hard to get Analise to stop throwing rocks into the creek.
Me and my hiking budies!

We enjoyed the waterfalls.
We made it to punchbowl falls. Then I but a very tired but reluctant two year old in a backpack and headed back to our car.

Alsea Falls- 3 mile hiking 3 year old, Fishing, Lovely forest, and Waterfalls

 This past weekend we went to explore a new area near Corvalles, Alsea Falls.
 We immediately fell in love with the forest and a large "nurse stump".
 There was so much moss and beautiful creek views.
 We headed down for a better view of the waterfall and ended up at a dead end.
 We enjoyed the view of the sweet falls, listening to the rushing water, and soaking in the signs of spring.
 We headed back up to the picnic area and had a snack break since it was almost lunchtime.
 Analise grumbled about the bushwacking back to the main trail.
 Amy took lots of breaks to pose with trees.
 We enjoyed the lush green forest and stream bed.
 We found a few twin trees.
 Analise was very motivated to hike today with the promise of fishing!
 Amy continued to lead the way to waterfalls yet to be explored!

 We kept wandering through the moss covered woods.
 I spotted my first Trillium of the year!!! It made me very happy.
 I loved to look up and admire how the mossy branches intertwine.
 We continued to stay present to the gifts of the forest.

 I found a few wild roses.
 Then Gil said, "I smell skunk". I looked over the embankment and found this...
 Skunk cabbage!
 We found a group campsite to cook lunch and saw this guy.
 The girls enjoyed trying out their new fishing poles and learning to cast while I cooked us lunch.
 There were no fish involved in this fishing that were not plastic weighted fish. I did include some canned salmon in our rice curry lunch.
 Analise was enjoying the mud.
 When lunch was ready they reluctantly set down the fishing poles to eat.
 I convinced everyone to hike a bit farther to Green Creek Falls.
 This was a beautiful and powerful small waterfall.
 Amy said she did not remember being that close to a waterfall before.
 Analise explored an old stump on the way back.
 I found a Trillium Trio!
 Amy found an abandoned snail shell and I found this guy.
Analise ended up hiking a record three miles in pretty good spirits. We gave her high fives and carried the creeks, waterfalls, and mossy forest in our hearts as we headed home.