Sunday, May 28, 2017

UP Mighty Hamilton Mountain- 5/7/16

Hamilton Mountain is a great challenge in the spring to get ready for backpacking and climbing harder things. For 7 year old Amy this is at the edge of her ability level but she was ready we headed out early together for this 7.5 mile challenge which climbs 2000 feet.
We made it up the first big hill to the Pool of the winds which is a neat little overlook where you can feel the force of the spray and see the hidden waterfall in the rockery.
We enjoyed the waterfall from below...
We took a little breather before moving on to the stairs and more steep climbing.
As we started up we enjoyed an overlook of the Columbia.
When the going gets hard we request a picture!
We made it up the steep rocky climb to the first of many rock perches toward the top.
The view from here is lovely and we were feeling accomplished.
We saw a boy who looked to be about 12 throw up when he reached this point and felt sad for him.
The Bonneville dam on the river far below.
We continued up a little farther to the top.
We saw some hearty paintbrush flowers along the way.
At the overlook we saw Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood.
Then we headed back down the longer gradual side.
This is a 7.6 mile loop with 2000 ft of elevation gain in 3 miles. A pretty nice accomplishment.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mosier Newish Trail- 3 Year Old Friendly Mosier Plateau 4/2/16

Last year we learned of a newish trail in Mosier that is a bit easier for kids because of the distance, only about 3 miles round trip.
Last year the flowers were out in early April!
3 year old Analise and 7 year old Amy stopped by the waterfall to enjoy the view.
As we climbed the gentle slope we enjoyed the creek below.
The big needle pines and flowers made my heart happy.
We found this little lizard enjoying a sunny rock.
The hillside was bright yellow!
Flowers held tight through the wind and we enjoyed the view of the Columbia River below.
Sarah was with us.
We enjoyed the overlook of Mosier, flowers, and Columbia River.
We brought Gil along pre blue hair.
More flowers to enjoy.
We all enjoyed the lizard on a rock yoga pose!
Amy tried Rock on Rock!
Two lizards on a rock!
We enjoyed the waterfall on the way back down.
Back to the little town of Mosier.
Mosier totem pole- taking a rest before heading home. It was a great day of friends, family, sun, and flowers!

Mosier Plateau

We invited some friends to this family friendly hike up Mosier Plateau in search of wildflowers. It was still March and this year was pretty snowy so the flowers are a little late.
This hike starts going through an old cemetery overlooking the town of Mosier and the Columbia River.
In a bit there is a little waterfall. Analise stopped to enjoy the water.
She agreed to this hike even though she hates hiking and was a little more cheerful because our friends were with us.
There were a few early flowers along the way.
We had our foster dog Dixie with us. She was a street dog and has not yet learned trail etiquette but really enjoyed being outside. Analise's young friend was a bit cautious about hiking up the side of a hillside but continued to the top.
At the top we enjoyed views of the mighty Columbia River.
It is fun to watch the cars, trains, and boats below.
There were a few big needle pines.
Dixie dog!
The river was sparkling in the sunshine.
There was a bit of wind on top.
We enjoyed the start of the flowers- signs of spring.
On the way back down we stopped to appreciate the stream and the little waterfall.
Analise continued her trek back toward the car.
Here is the bridge in Mosier. This is a great hike for everyone- a little climb, a little view, wildflowers, but short and not too difficult for the young hikers.