Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Indian Heaven Fall Family Camping

Last October, 2016, Amy and I got in one late season October Camping trip with our friends the McCartys. We love being with another family and hiking with their little dog Scout.
We camped in Indian Heaven at Cultus Creek and hiked up to enjoy the many little lakes around the PCT. On the way up we got a fantastic view of Mt. Adams.
We also enjoyed a little bit of fall color.
The youngest McCarty Elijah is an amazing hiker!
Amy enjoyed hanging out with Carolee at the viewpoint.
We crossed a little meadow to a lake.
We all had fun enjoying the lake.
The kids caught frogs and wanted to take them down to camp but eventually let them go.
These mushrooms were so much fun and pretty.
A bigger lake to enjoy.
Who can resist playing on a lake bed.
Scout went swimming. It was too cold for the rest of us.
Wild blueberries. This area is famous for its blueberries and huckleberries.
One last bit of playing by the lake shore.
On the way back we enjoyed seeing Mt. Adams with a halo.
I loved being so close to Mt. Adams in such a beautiful area without the bugs.
At the campsite, the kids had a great route exploring the creeks and woods. It was their playground!
The next day on the way home we visited the ice cave.
No ice, but interesting rock formations.
Amy heading up from the cave
Inside the cave looking up. I really want to go back for more exploration of Indian Heaven!

Fall Family Salmon River Hike

Mom: We headed out as a family with our new foster dog Oreo to a favorite fall hike along the Salmon River. Amy and I took the lead and enjoyed this log.
Analise: 😡😰😱😷😵😄😅😗😏😛😮😫😲🙈 I went to see a rainy forest. I didn't like it, too rainy and too much walking.
Amy: This is the first beach where Analise and dad stopped to play while mom and I hiked on.
Mom: The river was clear and green. We were worried about Oreo eating dead fish.
Analise: I love Oreo Dog. 💔👹👺👰👳😅😰😸😹😺😻😼😽😾😿🙀🙈🙉🙊🙍🙎💃
Amy: These trees are super tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom: Gazing on the rapids. We saw a few salmon swimming but none jumping this year.
Amy: The river was beautiful and the trees were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom: Enjoying the old growth and the moss covered trees.
Mom: A little Fall color across the river.
Amy: Oreo is a hunter, that is why she tried to eat the dead fish!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT: OREO IS A FRIENDLY DOG AND NONE HAVE TO FEAR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom: Enjoying the "raging" river rapids.
Analise: I like mom but I don't like hiking in the rain. 😨😡😖💧💦💥👯👀👽😷😚😐😜😋😾😟😊😝💫😀😕😳😔😉😈😝😛😤😐💣
Amy: Our obligatory selfie. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Analise: I liked the forest and the pumpkins? 💂💃💅💆💋💑😗😝😝😧😥😤😚😛😓😪😾😾🙌😻😹😯😔😓💕😅
Mom: We enjoyed the old growth forest with all its moss.

Mom: The tall trees gave us some canopy from the light rain falling.
Analise: I loved the moss and Oreo wanted to play the flute? 😼😧😦💫🂶🎅🏊🏉🎵🎭🎱🎅🀫🀪⚽♥♦🎄🎈🎇🃚🎆🎶🎺🏄🏆🎰🎹🎷🏁
Mom: Amy and I had some quality introvert time!
Amy: Oreo was so happy the "pack" was back together.

Analise: The trees kept me finished on the pumpkins? 🐹🐥🐙🍹🍘🐎🐦🍀🌳🌲🌺🍫🍵🐋🐟🐝🍱🍛🍱🐅🐤🐚🐏🍜🍜🍒🍅🍅🍓🍄🌼🍂🍔🌼🌻
Mom: Oreo was given a B from me for hiking. Amy kept saying Oreo got a solid A in her and Gil's book.  We got home and Oreo was all tired out.

Quiet Solo Fall View Hike with a Dog Companion

The rest of my family had plans and I wanted to make it to a consignment sale in Salem so I found myself solo down south with a dog. I decided a fall solo hike with the dog was my plan and headed up Hwy 20 past Sweet Home to the Rooster Rock trailhead. I loved the diversity of the forest- Madrona tree?
I made my way up through the old forest and tall trees.
I was glad to be in the woods with the dog Oreo. I am trying to stay in a hiking rhythm.
Feeling strong, healthy, and alive in this beautiful forest.
Some of the leaves were starting to turn to red.
More leaves.
Oreo pulls a lot which was not such a bad thing on the way up. We made good time following the scents of squirrels and chipmunks.
The trail got steeper. We made it to the viewless viewpoint in the mist and shared a late lunch.
Heading back down. More Madrona trees.
Here is one of the rock formations through the trees.
Heading back down, there was a little less pulling because I think we worked off some energy.
Enjoying the big rock formation near the top.
Catching a scent.
Enjoying more fall color on the way back down.
I loved how the light shown through the trees.
It was lovely to share this quiet special time with Oreo dog. We are still working on trail etiquette but I was grateful to be outside in this beautiful forest. I will have to try this one in the spring when it is blooming.