Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mount Adams Weekend Pt 2

We headed out from Morrison Creek campground on the South side of Mt. Adams toward the Yakama reservation. We found a shortcut that cut off some miles rather than going back through Trout Lake. I was the leader in the Suburu. Mike and Janelle's tire had a slow leak and they were behind me.

We got to one particularly tricky hill with car swallowing potholes. I took a running start and made it to the top! Mike did not! Fortunately there was a forest service worker on top who gave directions . Mike and Janelle's vehicle went back to the main road and around. They met us later at the trailhead.

There were still huckleberries galore! The kids were amazing at finding patches. It made for slow, but yummy, hiking. The youngest, Elijah, took his berry picking VERY seriously!

The kids found lots of rocks to climb on. There was water everywhere, which was quite a contrast from the dryer side of Mt. Adams we had been to yesterday.

We enjoyed a waterfall at lunchtime and took in the bright red paintbrushes. Amy did a great job hiking, trying to keep up with Isaac, the "fast train". Both Isaac and Amy got breaks to ride on parents, but Carolee had to hike the whole way. She did amazingly well and was a great example to the younger kids.

As the day wore into afternoon nap time, the huckleberry picking breaks got longer and closer together. I always remind Amy to "save some for the bears" and that "the bears will be sad if there are no huckleberries left". We also continued the ongoing debate regarding whether "Care Bears say Rah". Janelle decided it would be caring to say "rah" when someone has the hickups. Amy thinks this is a great theory.

At one point we heard very happy barking from up the trailhead where Haley dog had found a water hole.

We came to the edge of Bird Creek Meadows and enjoyed the beautiful Mt. Adams view and the wildflowers. Then, just when kids were getting tired and needing a break, we came to a beautiful, small waterfall which was like an oasis. It was a wonderful place for dabbling.

When we got back down to the large lakes, Haley dog decided to swim. She was so happy about all the water and very fun to watch. Amy and Carolee did a little playing in the mud and water, but all three kids were a bit tired at that point.

We headed back to the campground in time for a little cooler, cloudier weather and enjoyed dinner and a fire. We really did enjoy every sunny minute of the last days of summer!

The next day, we headed back to Hood River for a quick spot at our favorite Hood River Bagel Company and then on to the Fish Hatchery to watch the salmon jumping and see the large sturgeon.

What a great weekend! We will definitely be returning to Mt. Adams! It was nice to be there late in the season with no bugs! What an incredible area.

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