Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lake Dabbling Adventure

We headed out on a Saturday Adventure. We drove a long way up forest service roads in Washington to the Thomas Lake Trailhead. Since the Suburu was being worked on, we drove the Geo with the top down. Amy did a great job in the Geo. It was fun to feel the fresh air for a long drive in the country.

Right off the bat we had some great mountain views and huckleberries- always a delight!

Thomas Lake was a pretty, muddy place to do some dabbling. Amy decided she was going fishing with some moss.

She splashed and dabbled. I thought it was a bit too muddy for dabbling and just enjoyed the lake view.

She wanted to keep her swimsuit on for much of the "hike". However, she was slacking and did not hike much after the initial half mile to the lake. I did not know she was being eaten by mosquitoes. Whenever I asked she was fine.

We saw several other lakes- Agnes Lake from above.

There was a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.

The meadows and wildflowers were quite lovely!

We found some snow still here even though the temperature was in the 80s. I think this is an area to come back to on skis and snowshoes this winter.

Amy laughed and laughed when I finally put clothes on her and the mosquitoes were "biting her while she was naked!" At least she has a sense of humor about these things. I did not enjoy the mosquitos quite as much, but it was a lot of fun to explore a new area. All in all a successful lake dabbling adventure!

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