Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swinging Bridge over Raging River

I have always wanted to explore Lava Canyon at Mt. St. Helens. It is a short hike but well worth it with its beautiful views of a gorge formed by lava from the eruption. We got the added bonus of fall color. We had Amy's "favorite Sarah" with us on this hike and some of these pictures our hers.

There were places where this trail is quite exposed but I never felt unsafe. There are also danger signs everywhere. We were a little more cautious because we passed search and rescue looking for climbers.

The sound and site of the "raging river" through the gorge was amazing.

The fall leaves were in all their glory.

Amy hiked the entire short loop (1.3 miles) and did a great job listening and holding hands when needed.

Soon we got to the suspension bridge swaying high above the raging river. Amy did a great job crossing this and we stopped for a break on the other side to take in the view.

What a view it was. We only got glimpses of Mt. St. Helens this day, but the water, the shear rock formed from lava flow, and forest growing back after the 1980 eruption, were all quite amazing to see.

At the beginning and end of the hike there was a bench to check out. I had to promise to carry Amy on the next short hike for her to agree to walk all the way to the car.

We stopped to admire one of the many signs about danger in the area that had danger written in seven languages and a symbol of a person falling off a cliff. We had a safe and happy hike, but said a prayer for the climbers who were missing.

Stay tuned for pictures of the second short hike of this day, June Lake...We told Amy to tell her preschool teacher about crossing the swinging bridge over the raging river. What an amazing hike!

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