Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spawning Salmon, beautiful forest, and rainy river dabbling

It was our first real fall feeling Saturday, with cloudier, cooler weather, and some drizzle. I was inspired to head to the Salmon River in search of spawning salmon. I wondered if I would really see salmon spawning in the wild, but thought even if they weren't this would be a lovely old growth walk. We are not fair weather hikers!

Amy found an excellent climbing rock. Though she is a great climber, I still was getting a little nervous.

The trees and moss were delightful. It was a beautiful, misty forest to walk through.

Of course there were many water breaks as we admired the forest.

Looking down at the river, there they were! Many salmon, swimming upstream, some as large as 3 ft or so. It was great to see them outside of the dams and fish ladders actually heading up to their spawning grounds. We spent a long time watching and admiring their struggle.

After climbing for a bit, we decided the opening in the trees was a good destination. We headed back down the trail to find the swimming hole we had passed on the way up.

Even though it was too cold for dipping toes in for a dabble, that did not stop us from a shallow dabble and frolicking on the rocks!

Sarah got a little camera happy and took lots of great pictures of Amy in her element.

What a fun fall hike to remember that there are so many great adventures yet to come, even in the cooler weather.

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