Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cape Lookout Hood to Coast Volunteering

I am no longer a runner, but I still enjoy the excitement of Hood to Coast and was asked to support Team Dragon Nass as a volunteer. Our team got an early pick of volunteer shifts and I picked finish support in Seaside.

Friday night we headed out to the coast and set up camp at Cape Lookout State Park. We cooked an amazing feast of a meal- cilantro chicken, festival bread, and tabbouleh salad. Then we hit the beach!

Sunset was amazing. Amy and I had a short refreshing dabble in the water.

In the morning, we headed up to the beach again to enjoy the view after breakfast while Daddy and a friend packed up camp.

We went up to Seaside for our shift which consisted of watching cars to make sure they did not drive up to the Promenade. The beach there was pretty overwhelming for me. You could not even see the ocean with all the tents, finish line, and stage that was set up. Around 30,000 people converged on Seaside for the weekend. It was fun to see all the van decorations.

After the shift ended, we drove up to Astoria and did a city walk. It was a fun, people filled adventure to round out our experiences.
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