Thursday, September 8, 2011

Windy Midweek PCT Adventure

I had an extra day off work to accommodate my husband's school schedule, so off we went to Whatum Lake/ Chinidere Mountain. This has been on my list for a long time as a major view for effort destination.

It is a long drive from Beaverton, above Hood River, but the views along the way of Mt. Hood and St. Helens were spectacular. I always find driving through the orchards to be relaxing as well. Whatum Lake is on the Pacific Crest Trail which goes from Mexico to Canada. I have hiked tiny sections of this trail but often dream of thru hiking!

Even though Portland was in the high 80s, it was in the 60s up here. We decided it was just too cold to dabble in the lake but loved checking out the moss!

Some of my favorite flowers were out- columbine, paintbrush, and avalanche lilies.

I had brought along a farmer's market peach and found just the thing to do with it as a through hiker, two hats, came flying up the trail! He enjoyed the fresh fruit and continued. He said he had started the PCT in Mexico in March and averages 30 miles a day. His base weight was around 12-13 lbs but he did not consider himself to be ultralight! He reminded me that Sunshine, an 11 year old, is hiking the trail this year. I shared that it is my dream to do this with Amy some day.

Chinidere Mountain was quite windy and cloudy, but still so beautiful! Amy put her hood up over her face and asked for shelter. We will come again someday with the view, but there is something special to me about being in a high place with the clouds as well. It feels very mystical.

We carefully came back down to the main trail, and meandered around the lake until we got to the steps up to the car again. Back to real life, but it was so great to have a weekday together in the wilderness!

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