Sunday, May 28, 2017

UP Mighty Hamilton Mountain- 5/7/16

Hamilton Mountain is a great challenge in the spring to get ready for backpacking and climbing harder things. For 7 year old Amy this is at the edge of her ability level but she was ready we headed out early together for this 7.5 mile challenge which climbs 2000 feet.
We made it up the first big hill to the Pool of the winds which is a neat little overlook where you can feel the force of the spray and see the hidden waterfall in the rockery.
We enjoyed the waterfall from below...
We took a little breather before moving on to the stairs and more steep climbing.
As we started up we enjoyed an overlook of the Columbia.
When the going gets hard we request a picture!
We made it up the steep rocky climb to the first of many rock perches toward the top.
The view from here is lovely and we were feeling accomplished.
We saw a boy who looked to be about 12 throw up when he reached this point and felt sad for him.
The Bonneville dam on the river far below.
We continued up a little farther to the top.
We saw some hearty paintbrush flowers along the way.
At the overlook we saw Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood.
Then we headed back down the longer gradual side.
This is a 7.6 mile loop with 2000 ft of elevation gain in 3 miles. A pretty nice accomplishment.

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