Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wildflower Amazement at Tom McCall Preserve

I took off toward Mosier on a Sunday morning following my work shift. It was the first beautiful sunny day in awhile and I needed to climb something so I decided on Mosier Plateau at Tom McCall Preserve.
It was packed as usual on a weekend but the wildflower show rivals any I have seen before.
This little climb is steep but you get to enjoy wildflowers most of the way up.
I took a break to catch my breath as the tip of Mt. Hood came into view.
The paintbrush is one of my favorite flowers that I usually associate with high meadows in Olympic National Park.
Here they were, bright red and huge!
I was happy to be on top of the world!
I spent a little time with the crowd on top gazing at mountains. Mt. Hood was in the distance.
The hills are alive!!!
My soul finds rest and joy in these beautiful flowers and the view of the mountain beyond the Columbia River.
I continued my mountain gazing for awhile.
On the way back down I could focus more on flowers and less on climbing.
The diversity and heartiness of this meadow makes me smile.
Despite all the human visitors, this place remains pretty well preserved.
All the vivid colors were fantastic!
Grateful for what the flowers teach me about resilience coming back in greater number year after year.
Looking across the river to the mountain view.
Back down at the bottom with a sea of yellow.
See you next spring Tom McCall Preserve!

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