Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mosier Plateau

We invited some friends to this family friendly hike up Mosier Plateau in search of wildflowers. It was still March and this year was pretty snowy so the flowers are a little late.
This hike starts going through an old cemetery overlooking the town of Mosier and the Columbia River.
In a bit there is a little waterfall. Analise stopped to enjoy the water.
She agreed to this hike even though she hates hiking and was a little more cheerful because our friends were with us.
There were a few early flowers along the way.
We had our foster dog Dixie with us. She was a street dog and has not yet learned trail etiquette but really enjoyed being outside. Analise's young friend was a bit cautious about hiking up the side of a hillside but continued to the top.
At the top we enjoyed views of the mighty Columbia River.
It is fun to watch the cars, trains, and boats below.
There were a few big needle pines.
Dixie dog!
The river was sparkling in the sunshine.
There was a bit of wind on top.
We enjoyed the start of the flowers- signs of spring.
On the way back down we stopped to appreciate the stream and the little waterfall.
Analise continued her trek back toward the car.
Here is the bridge in Mosier. This is a great hike for everyone- a little climb, a little view, wildflowers, but short and not too difficult for the young hikers.

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