Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mosier Newish Trail- 3 Year Old Friendly Mosier Plateau 4/2/16

Last year we learned of a newish trail in Mosier that is a bit easier for kids because of the distance, only about 3 miles round trip.
Last year the flowers were out in early April!
3 year old Analise and 7 year old Amy stopped by the waterfall to enjoy the view.
As we climbed the gentle slope we enjoyed the creek below.
The big needle pines and flowers made my heart happy.
We found this little lizard enjoying a sunny rock.
The hillside was bright yellow!
Flowers held tight through the wind and we enjoyed the view of the Columbia River below.
Sarah was with us.
We enjoyed the overlook of Mosier, flowers, and Columbia River.
We brought Gil along pre blue hair.
More flowers to enjoy.
We all enjoyed the lizard on a rock yoga pose!
Amy tried Rock on Rock!
Two lizards on a rock!
We enjoyed the waterfall on the way back down.
Back to the little town of Mosier.
Mosier totem pole- taking a rest before heading home. It was a great day of friends, family, sun, and flowers!

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