Saturday, January 21, 2017

First snowshoe of the year December 2015- kid free adventure

 We headed to Maxwell Butte last December 2015 with NO KIDS!
Gil had always hated snow adventures, particularly heading uphill but was in much better shape for this endeavor. We were with our friends, Monica and Sarah, and Monica and I are bent toward snowy challenges.
Maxwell Butte is one of my favorite places to snowshoe. It is somewhat close to Salem, somewhat groomed, but still feels natural in the trees and not a snowmobile destination.
I always try to remember to look up! So much of life is spent not remembering what might be above the trees!
The snow was lovely, fluffy, and good for walking in.
It was partly sunny and we got warm quickly climbing up the hill.
Since we did not have kids we were able to go up further than we have before, some to my husbands chagrin but he endured it without cursing so that is an improvement at least!
Monica was in her element and leading the way.
Sarah and Monica taking a break.
Gil held up the rear but mostly stayed with us. This was not a destination trip and we just enjoyed the trail.
We saw some folks with large backpacks heading up to the shelter for the night. I am not a fan of carrying weight on my back while snowshoeing, particularly uphill.
We were surrounded by snow covered trees and greatly enjoyed this rare day together without kids.

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