Sunday, January 8, 2017

A favorite old growth forest hike

We have tried to keep with a hiking rhythm this winter with some success. In December, we were ready for a rainy day hike and headed to an old favorite, Siouxon Creek in Washington.
The moss and the creek were as beautiful as ever- this forest feels like coming home!
This seems like a perfect owl home.
We headed down the trail- first letting Amy and Gil go ahead and hanging back to motivate four year old Analise whose willingness no longer matches her ability.
The creek was rushing and as clear as ever through the old growth wonder.
So green and clear.
Sarah was back in her "Aunt" role. We have missed her hiking with us and having her along also made the day feel grounding. Analise enjoyed the puddles but did not seem to pay as much attention to the creek and beauty of the forest.
There were some small waterfalls along the way. When Amy and Gil got to the bridge they turned around and found us leaving Sarah and I to hike further.
We continued on to explore some other waterfalls.
It was a beautiful, brisk winter day.
The green moss and creek make my heart happy!
Seeing the full waterfalls along the way was really great.
We continued our exploration, soaking it all in!
Gil motivated two girls and eventually made it back to the car after carrying Analise up the last steep hill.
Sarah and I set a brisk pace to enjoy the kid-free time and what was around the next bend.
We took the necessary selfie when finding the waterfall again.
We continued through the forest along the beautiful stream.
I never mind hiking out and back here as I enjoy it so much both ways!
We saw a few of my favorite hairy rocks on our way back and finally made it back to the car just after the others. It was a good and refreshing day.

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