Sunday, February 12, 2017

All Terrain Hikers!

One Winter Day We Decided To Snowshoe To Copper Creek Hut, Mt. Tahoma Trails. Mom And I Were Confident As We Started On The Trail.   
There Were Mile Markers. Instead of the 3.5 miles we were expecting, the trail was 5.5 miles since the starting place was lower than usual due to road conditions.
We Took A Break For Lunch after making it up the first BIG hill.
There Were Two Trails But We Continued To Go Straight on the groomed trail.
Don't Ask What That Birdhouse Looking Thing Is. Instead Research It If You Want To Know.
The Camera Was A Time Keeper. Quit taking random pictures mom!
It Started To Snow So I Caught Snowflakes On My Tongue.
There Were A Lot Of Things On This Sled.
There Are A Lot Of Signs.
So Close.
Yay!!!!!! We Made It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Look Back.
Even Closer.
 We Wrote A Poem.
 Here Is What It Says: The snopark road was closed and muddy
The mud felt a bit like silly putty.
We walked determinedly up the hill
An eight year old snowshoer and her mom until.
We found the top and the climb leveled.
We had our lunch-in the tuna we reveled.
We wore our snowshoes for 10 minutes.
When the trail was bear we said,"Good riddance"
The sun came out for just a bit
Then it snowed hard but we didn't quit.
Mom was pulling a heavy sled
With food and sleeping bags for our bed.
Some ravens watched from close by
It started to rain but we did not cry.
Getting closer the miles clicked down
It was nice to be so far from town.
We found the hut and gave a shout
Hurray we did it and did not pout
We are grateful to Mt. Tahoma Trails
For such a nice hut though it did rain bails.    

Pretty, huh?
Copper Creek hut is a BEAUTIFUL hut complete with games, cookware, propane heat, solar power, books and magazines. The hut sleeps 14 so you often meet new friends! There were two couples and a group of coworkers at the hut this night. Everyone was very friendly and shared food and supplies.
 Mom and I played many games including Monopoly for the first time. Mom went bankrupt quickly and I won! The coworkers had a game of charades and taboo that they made up clues for. I was their time keeper and took my job very seriously. They were very friendly. In the morning we had to leave the cozy hut and head back out into the snow.
A Picture. Mooooooom! A snowshoe dropped off the sled on the way back but our new friends found it and caught up with us!
Prayer Flags in honor of a volunteer named Judy who was such a special person!
We Finished The Hike And Had A Nice Drive Home. See you next time Mt. Rainier!

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