Thursday, January 12, 2017

Suttle Lake Spring Dreaming

It was late January 2015. I had a 2 year old and a six year old and a regular hiking friend, Sarah with me. We headed to Suttle Lake and decided to hike around. There had not been much snow and it was unseasonably warm, feeling like a spring day.
We started around the lake with lots of breaks to throw rocks in the water. There was a large gathering, maybe a wedding, in the lodge, so we tried to keep our rather scruffy looking family separate from the crowd.
The first pink monkey came along before he went picnicking at Fish Lake and deserted us for a life of adventure.
Trying to keep children out of the rather cold lake was a challenge but the rock throwing helped.
I love the long needles of Ponderosa Pine in this part of Oregon. There are many of these around Suttle Lake.
Analise switched between riding in the backpack and walking.
The trip around Suttle Lake is 3.5 miles. Analise found a picnic table to break on with her monkey.
We enjoyed the woods and the lake.
On the far side we took some time to enjoy a full, open view of the lake.
Amy was (and still is) a fantastic hiker!
Sarah helped us so that we didn't have to take a selfie.
We crossed a bridge that looked like an excellent fisherman's campground.
In the distance, we could see Black Butte.
We also got to see a rare and special sight for us- snow covered Mt. Washington.
As we continued along, we enjoyed this open section and gazing at the mountains and hills.
Forest fires are pretty common here and there have been some pretty serious ones- enhancing the view but burning down a lot of trees.
Backward tree hugger!
Reflection of Black Butte on the lake.
Reflection of Mt. Washington and foothills. We made it back and were proud to have made it around. It was a nice taste of spring to come for us.

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