Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Clear Lake Cabin with a loft and epic sledding!

 After A LOT of snow in Portland with many missed school days, we headed to Clear Lake between Santiam and McKenzie Pass. Saturday we stopped at the Santiam sledding hill to enjoy some fun sledding.
 I went down a fast hill.
 We arrived at Clear Lake Resort in the afternoon and were SO EXCITED to see our rustic cabin had a loft big enough for two girls to sleep in! It also had generator hours so when the power went out at 10pm you should be asleep and you should not leave the loft sleeping area until the power came on at 7am. We left a light on so that we would know when it was time to get up and going.
 Mom brought us all to a trail at Tombstone Pass on Sunday morning.
 Analise was sledding,mom and I were snowshoeing and dad with just boots.[not oppressive boots]   
 It was beautiful. 
 A nice snowy mountain.
 Analise walked some to.
 Mom went on her own adventure around the lake on Sunday afternoon and I kept right on sledding!
 The sledding hill was very epic!
 Dad got a turn.
Dad is sledding.
 Some of the snow had melted on Monday morning when we headed back to the snow and ice in Portland. Analise's snowman was still standing when we got home!
The beautiful lake.

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