Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Siouxon Creek Grounded Old Growth Breath

We took the long drive through farmland into Washington to one of my favorite trails, Siouxon Creek.
It was mid October 2015 and the first really rainy day of fall. I braved the potholed filled road and thought it was so worth the drive as soon as I stepped into this beautiful old growth forest.
We saw lots of mushrooms and moss along the way.
The big trees made me feel at home and like I was in a sacred place.
We continued through the forest toward the creek.
Much of this forest feels like the Olympics and many other special Washington forests.
Analise was not so sure about the rain at first because she was tired and cold.
This forest is incredibly resilient despite the dry year.
The moss was lovely along the trail.
There were a few big leaves interspersed with the evergreen trees.
The creek raged below.
I love this "nurse stump" that another tree had wrapped around.
We had a yummy lunch at the waterfall.
On the way back, Analise had made peace with the rain and was determined to walk through every mudpuddle with her new boots.
I am glad to enjoy the fullness of fall in this lovely place with my girls.

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