Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A hike where Mountains blow up with no bugs- Aug 2013

Catching up on past adventures and came upon this gem:
Just before Analise turned one, we decided to head toward Mt. St. Helens at Amy's request

We headed up to Johnson Ridge on a beautiful clear summer day. We hiked on top of the piles of mud and ash that are over what once was forest enjoying the view of Spirit Lake below.

We took some time to enjoy the wonder of the inside of the mountain.

The lake has log jams all along the edges from the trees that were blown off the side of the mountain during the eruption.

This hike did not have many wiggle spaces for baby Analise, but she was able to play in dirt a little.

Looking across what once was forest to the crater is pretty amazing.

Amy took some time for drawing in the dirt.

I enjoyed seeing the red Indian Paintbrush flowers coming back.

It was a fun time to be on top of the world!

We spent some time watching the movie and learning about the eruption.

Analise got some wiggle time in the visitor's center.

One piece of trail was rather exposed.  We stayed safe and worked together.

What a lovely day!

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