Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Falls Creek October Camping Renegades

 We wanted to enjoy a last hurrah of camping a few weeks ago in early October. Since Sarah was already in Eugene, we went in search of a campsite along Fall Creek.
Though my book indicated one campground open in October, we found it closed but there were two free campsites near the creek and trailhead. We joined Sarah and made our camp. We had a lovely meal and got to meet a new friend who was with Sarah from a dragon boat race.
We enjoyed a fire and a good night's sleep and headed to the mid point of the fall creek trail.
We hiked to a cave that used to be a Native American sacred sight. We did not see many other hikers but did hear gunshots in the distance from hunters.
We enjoyed hiking along this little creek and through closed campgrounds in the off season.
After exploring the cave, we drove back to another part of the creek in search of an afternoon swimming hole.
Since I had forgotten her backpack, Analise had to use her two feet which was a little slow going since she was needing a nap.
The forest was lovely. I enjoyed the green and the moss.
Fall Creek was pretty to hike along.
I continued to admire the big trees and the light shining through.
Analise kept up a good pace with the promise of a swimming hole.
We saw quite a few mushrooms along the way.
Finally we settled on an excellent swimming hole. Sarah and I were both thinking October cool air and swimming do not go together but the girls were excited to play in the water.
I made hot lunch while Analise and Amy played in the shallow water and "painted" rocks with water.
We all took some time to play and just to be while admiring the free flowing stream.
Swimming did not occur but much water playing and creek gazing happened.
Back on the trail Amy found her bed in the woods.
Analise played with her magic wand/ fishing pole/ walking stick.
It was most definitely nap time by the time we got closer to the car. Sarah makes as good a bed as any.
Amy climbed one last rock and we headed back home.  It was a good last camping trip and a lovely fall day.

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