Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Much Needed Waterfall and Old Growth Refreshment

After a few week hiking hiatus, we headed out to the Henline Falls Trailhead in the Opal Creek Wilderness in October 2014.  We hike rain or shine and sometimes the rainy hikes are the most memorable.
Analise was doing a lot of walking and this is a great trail for her, not super long and lots of wonderful forest ending with a beautiful waterfall.
The mist seemed magical and the forest enchanted.
We found lots of mud puddles as we hiked up the wide trail.
Analise was determined as ever and happy to be wearing her puddle stomping boots.
I saw a tiny bit of blue sky and loved the way the light was shining through on this cool fall day.
The moss is lovely in this old growth gem of a forest.
I drew the line at swimming but Analise got as close to the water as possible.
We took many breaks for climbing rocks.
I continued to enjoy the refreshing, mossy forest.
We continued through the rain to the powerful henline falls.
We spent some time gazing up at it and enjoying the spray less than we would on a hot day but still quite a bit.

There is a cave near the waterfall that we checked out the mouth of.
We took a silly selfie.
Back to the lush green forest toward the trailhead.
We found a cliff with some drips to shower us along the way.
It was a lovely, refreshing fall day in the woods- a place we will most definitely return to.

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