Thursday, November 5, 2015

Surprised by September Snow- Unexpected Adventures

 We took a drive up toward Mt. Hood via Hood River and included our new international student friend, Abanezer for an adventure.  We wanted to stop at Multnomah Falls but the parking lot was full so we kept going.
After a stop at a fruit stand we headed toward the Lookout Mountain Trailhead. We took a wrong turn and ended up in the little farming town called Friend, OR.
We enjoyed this little historic schoolhouse in Friend.
We headed back and found a trailhead along Fret Creek. It had been warm and in the 60s in Hood River, but at higher elevations it was much cooler.
Though this hike was rated moderate, Kitt and Abenezer were both up to a challenge.
Analise was hiking with her broken arm and as determined as ever.
Thought it was somewhat dry, we enjoyed hiking along the little creek.
We took lots of breaks and had a bit of elevation gain.
As we climbed, we found fresh September snow! Analise decided that she needed to poke it.
The forest was very pretty.
Amy wanted to be a tree hugger and wore her Reed sweatshirt in honor of our special guest!
Despite the dry year, there was still some signs of growth and life in this forest.
We continued the slow climb toward the lake, taking lots of breaks for pictures and to catch our breath.
The girls really enjoyed the early snow.
Abenezer was very cold but was a good sport!
We made it up to the lake and ate some hot food to warm up a little.
I enjoyed assisting Kitt, sometimes step by step, down the steep hill.
Together everyone had a good time together and we made a fantastic team as always even though we never found the Lookout Mountain trail we set out to find.  It was fun to be surprised by September snow.

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