Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On top of the world at Mary's Peak

 It was late spring and a beautiful day in June 2013.  Analise was 8 months old.  We headed south to Mary's Peak.  The road to the upper parking lot was open.

After a long drive with a grumpy baby who did not like to be confined in a car seat, we were happy to start with some wiggle time.

We spent some time eating the first course of lunch and checking out the bench.

We headed up the trail and enjoyed the views along the way.  Amy tried out her new sunglasses.

Analise was so happy to sit in the grass and chew use large rocks as teething toys.

We spent time at the top enjoying the view and the sunshine.

Sarah taught Amy an airplane game which she wanted to do repeatedly.  All that aerial arts makes Sarah great at lifting children into crazy positions.

On the way back we explored a wooded path.

Amy stopped to hug as many trees as possible.

Such fun was had by all.  Sunshine on a spring day, a great view, and relaxing in a high meadow is really good medicine.

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