Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lucia and Moulton Falls Breaking in the Rain Boots

 We headed up north of Battleground on a cloudy slightly rainy day to two new waterfalls to explore.  We parked at Lucia Falls and enjoyed the view before hiking a short mile loop in the park.
The moss everywhere was beautiful.
There were lots of man made older brick walls to take breaks on and enjoy the Lewis River.
The mist made everything seem magical
The fall colors were all around.
We sat and had lunch and coffee back by Lucia Falls and got to watch fish jumping up the waterfall.
Analise approved of all the puddles and rocks.
Amy enjoyed exploring.  We drove to Moulton Falls and continued our adventure.
The bridge had warnings not to jump but also a rope swing hanging from it.  If it was a warm summer day I would have been tempted.
Most of this hike was very toddler friendly.
We enjoyed stops to gaze at the river.
We admired the handiwork of a spider.
Amy got to play in the mud while waiting for her sister to catch up.
We headed back to Moulton Falls where we took time to enjoy climbing on the rocks.
The falls were very pretty and it was fun to climb around while listening to them roar.
Analise found some very deep puddles on the rocks near the falls and was happy to puddle stomp.
Sarah found a perch and enjoyed gazing at the waterfall.
Amy enjoyed climbing all over.
Everyone finished the adventure wet, muddy, and happy.
This is why we love to get outside in all seasons!

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