Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Refuge Wanderings

It was a bright sunny day in March 2013. My baby Analise was six months old.  We headed up to the wildlife refuge in Washougal on the north side of the Columbia.

It was a beautiful day with winter starting to turn to spring.  Mt. Hood was peaking out at us over the gorge.

We enjoyed lots of turtles and sparkling wetland ponds.

We wandered toward the river, soaking in the sun.

Baby Analise hung out in the front pack, watching the world go by.  She protested the car trip quite loudly as usual.

We got to do a little bird watching and especially enjoyed the herons.

Amy and Sarah enjoyed walking together and I moved at a slightly faster pace to keep Analise happy.

On the way back we noticed some cool artistic creations.

What a great sunny river wander.  The sunshine and exercise lifted our spirits after the rain and snow of winter.

We learned a little about bird migration routes and distances.

We were grateful for the signs of spring, the wildlife, and the time just to be together on this fresh spring northwest day!

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