Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dry Creek Falls

 It was too warm to snowshoe on this early March weekend, so we headed to the gorge in search of a "hidden waterfall".  Analise was 6 months old.

We found a "hairy rock" that we enjoyed quite a bit. 

It was a lovely spring day in the gorge with just a hint of the warm weather to come and winter still holding just a little.

We communed with the trees, enjoying the fleece front pack cover my mom had made for us.

We had some rock breaks.

We came around a corner and found the hidden Dry Creek falls.  A few others had found it too but it still felt special to find a less known spot.

The falls were very pretty.

We crossed back over the forest bridge and headed back toward town.

We enjoyed some nurse logs along the way and dreamed of spring to come!

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