Monday, November 3, 2014

Horses, Bats, and Puddles

 Mom- Today Amy and I decided it would be a great idea for us to cowrite this blog post.  We went to McIver Park on the Clackamas River to enjoy the fall leaves, a fish hatchery, and a walk through the woods. 
 Amy- this is a picture of me my mom took it. see it .it is beautiful.  do I look like a bat or a bird?
 Amy- my sister Analise loves puddles. you can tell by the picture.
 Amy- Analise fished with sticks in puddles but didn't catch any fish.
 Amy-I walked with Sarah part of the way. we pretended I was a horse.
 Amy-we stopped at the Clackamas river for our first course of lunch.
 Amy-at the Clackamas river we saw the river it was beautiful.
 Amy-here is on the other side of the Clackamas river and here is part of the forest.
 Amy-Analise likes to throw rocks in the water.
 Amy-this is a big huge rock!
 Amy-pretty flowers!
 Amy-this I think is really creepy.
 Amy-this is also really creepy.
 Amy-this is cool and very cold.
 Amy-look how tall that is!
 Amy-I was really smiling in this picture but mom doesn't have a good camera.
Amy-these trees have beautiful leaves.
 Amy-this tree is very mossy.
 Amy-we visited the barn. it has bats.
 Amy-the windows are where the bats come out of the barn and when you are looking at the barn and talking your voice echoes it bounces to the barn and back to yourself.
 Amy-me and Analise played train on the way back to the car.
 Amy-we stopped at some of the horse trainings. this is learning how to climb up the ramp (a large ramp) and it has a place where you can jump off of the ramp.
 Amy-this is another horse training station  it is going across the bridge.
 Amy-this is a picture of me on the bridge.
 Amy-this is a picture of Analise and me on the bridge.
 Amy-what we know about bats.bats are mammals.bats can fly. bats use echolocation
 Mom- Wow!  Amy gave you a great story about our hike.  It was so much fun to hike the bat trail with the Equestrian Training.  We saw lots of fish at the hatchery.
 Mom- What a fun adventure to explore this park.  We may need to try camping here as another bat fact we learned is that bats eat mosquitoes.  (Amy says she also knew that from school).  The barn is a roosting spot for endangered bats. 
Mom- Good exercise, good company, fun exploring, and even some learning.  It was a good day.

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