Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frosty Hood River Mountain Hike

This was a magical frosty day in the orchards above Hood River. The first part was up hill so I put Amy in the backpack for the climbing. I had a hard time fitting her with her layers. When I put lot's of clothes on her she always says "I'm a hot dog bun" because of the layers bundled around her.

The frost crystals on the trees were breathtaking. This truly is a winter wonderland.

Sarah and I were discussing how much people miss if they only hike in the summer. Each season has it's wonder and joy. This hike is known for its spring wildflowers but it was so much fun in the winter as well.

The sky above us was blue even though below us was somewhat foggy. We continued our climb through the magical forest.

We got to the top and stopped for a lunch break, shaking the frost out of our hair.

We had a clear view of Mt. Adams, a mostly clear view of Mt. Hood, and used our imaginations for the town of Hood River and orchards below us.

We took our time soaking in the sun and enjoying this view.

After lunch, we started across the ridgetop through a long open area along an old dirt road. It was such a breathtaking view.

While we were enjoying the natural scenery, Amy got so excited to see a radio tower. This made me smile since my dad was a radio engineer. I'm glad she shares my love of radio towers!

We got to the tower and turned onto another dirt road leading back down the other side. Amy was doing some bounding and Sarah and I were enjoying being in this winter wonderland so much!

At one point, Sarah reminded Amy how much she loves her and they spread out their arms together. We are so blessed to have Sarah in our lives. She is a joy to hike with.

We got back to the road and had to hike on the road a bit to get back to our car. Amy jumped back into the backpack for the last bit but did manage to walk about a mile and a half on her own.

Sarah, being the photographer, took some time to take a few close up pictures of the ice crystals. Each one was so delicate. It was great to take the time to admire these.

What a great time, and since this was a short hike we had some time to wander in Hood River afterward. This has been one of our favorite hikes together. I would definitely encourage anyone to experience the winter air and get out for a frosty hike. The sunny days are no doubt numbered, and before long there will be more snow to enjoy, but until then, winter hikes are fantastic!

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