Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rare Sunny Snowshoe at Mount Hood

It is not usually possible to snowshoe in early November but it was a bright sunny, cold day following some serious snow and I hit the road to Mt. Hood. I decided to go up to Timberline, and the crowds were fierce!

What an amazing day to be standing on the side of Mt. Hood. Amy and I wandered to the east side of Timberline where we saw a trail heading up.

We looked back and saw Mt. Jefferson out behind us.

Amy tried her skis, but it was pretty tricky going on this ungroomed unofficial trail on a steep slope.

The snow was incredibly beautiful. What a perfect day to be on the mountain!

Down below, some clouds had rolled in, but up at Timberline, skies were so blue!

We really did not snowshoe or ski very far, because just getting a quarter or half mile away from the people was so overwhelmingly beautiful that we did not need to. We just had our lunch on the side of the mountain and took in the amazing view and feeling of being on the side of the mountain.

After soaking in the amazing view, we headed down to Government camp to snowshoe in the woods for a little while. Some folks coming down the trail said they would call it a day because of "too much sun". I never thought I would hear those words from a Portlander's mouth!

Amy was enjoying making hand prints in the snow, and I stopped to make a snow angel. She got covered in snow from head to toe at the end of the adventure!

What a way to start off the snow season! More to come soon...

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