Monday, December 26, 2011

The Beautiful Town of Golden, BC

After our first full day hanging out around the cabin and big house in the woods near Golden, we headed to town. Golden sits right on the Trans-Canada Highway that runs all the way across Canada. It was a neat little town.

The town of Golden reminded me a lot of Steamboat with the snow and ski area nearby as well as townspeople and tourists. I felt my sister's presence strongly as I strolled through town and remembered the times I have bundled up with her to go exploring in Steamboat

It was great to see the covered bridge and the frozen river that I hear is raging with ice chunks in the spring.

Everyone took a turn being king or queen of the snow mountain as well.

We all enjoyed gazing up at the skyline of mountains all around.

We checked out the little shops: First we went to a used sporting goods store. They did not have anything we needed, but we did some drooling. We wandered into a bookstore/ coffee shop. They had a little waving queen sitting on the counter!

We then headed to the grocery store and purchased "forbidden fruit", Dragonfruit. For some reason it is illegal to import this in the US. It is a beautiful red fruit with leaves that appear tongue like. It tastes a little like kiwi.

Before our next adventure, we stopped at the park in town and wandered/ skated on the lake. It was not all that smooth, but was fun to try Amy out on the skates. It is amazing to see lakes freeze this solidly. Our fingers and toes also froze, but that was a small price to pay for the beauty of Golden!

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