Monday, December 26, 2011

Sherbrooke Lake Kid Free Snowshoe

After visiting beautiful Lake Louise and taking a short snowshoe there, we still had lots of energy. The kids were at the B&B and we were up for a challenge. We left Banff National Park and headed back to Yoho National Park to the Sherbrooke Lake trailhead.

The snow was deep- we weren't blazing trail but were feeling the adventure of this trail as we headed up the hill. We took lots of breaks on our way up the hill.

It was nice to be able to move at a little faster pace than I can with Amy. On the way up the hill there were glimpses of mountain, but we were mostly hiking through a winter wonderland of snow covered trees.

The lake was so incredible! No tracks in the snow and frozen solid, Canadian Rockies all around! It was so still and peaceful.

Our way down was much quicker going and our friend Mike actually started trail running. None of the ladies wanted to move THAT fast but it was nice to head downhill after the climb to the lake.

At the bottom, we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset that made the perfect end to a lovely kid free day in the snow.

We headed back to Golden with that exercise induced endorphin rush and enjoyed an evening with our families.

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