Monday, December 26, 2011

Beautiful Lake Louise- Banff Nat Park Alberta

My friends and I headed out from Golden, BC just over the border to Alberta and Banff National Park to see Lake Louise. This was an adult adventure. The kids enjoyed themselves back at the Bed and Breakfast and cabin in Golden.There is a beautiful Chateau at Lake Louise with ice sculptures. We went on a snowshoe to a viewpoint above the lake and then headed back to check out the chateau.

Up the trail the view of the lake was so pretty. The parking lot to hike was quite empty but we did see people down at the chateau. It was a short snowshoe, but well worth the view.

After a little snowshoeing we went on an exploration of the Chateau. It was fun to see their Christmas tree and the beautiful Chandelier.

Behind the Chateau on the lake was an ice castle where you could ice skate. We had fun exploring the castle and sitting by the ice fire warming up :-)!

Near the castle there was a hockey rink with some people playing a little hockey. The frozen lake was so beautiful!

Inside the Chateau was some beautiful art work and architecture. We decided against high tea or wine and cheese and found a quiet corner to eat our sack lunches in the warm chateau.

It was fun to see a piece of high society nature. We still had plenty of energy left for snowshoeing, so we headed back to BC to a more challenging snowshoe.

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