Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mosier Train Tunnel Adventure

This past Saturday, my daughter Amy, my friend Sarah and I decided to head out on a train tunnel adventure. My goal was to find a place with sunshine. We kept driving East until we got to Mosier, a few miles East of Hood River. We headed up to the paved bike trail to explore the old highway tunnels and the beauty of the gorge. This was a short hike, about 3.5 miles, which was good after a late start. It gets great reviews from both mom and daughter :-)

Amy kept saying she was "dancing in the wildflowers"

The beautiful Columbia River

We like to keep track of all the colors of flowers we see. On this hike we saw purple, blue, pink, red, yellow and white flowers.

Our hiking style involves a lot of looking for the next rock or log to sit on for a water or snack break. This is good for me to also remember to slow down and not push myself to the point of exhaustion. Besides adventure pants, we really love our collapsable walking stick that is great for kiddo when collapsed and good for me when she needs to take a break to ride in the backpack.

This little guy crossed the path in front of us.

Drawing a rainbow

Amy said the best part of this trip was going through "four tunnels" (two tunnels twice). We all loved the wildflowers and the gorge view. This would also be a lot of fun on a bike.
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