Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2010-2011 Snow Adventures

Snow Adventures
Being in the snow is always such a beautiful time for me to really experience fresh air and the contrasts of white on green. I love the quiet and softness the snow creates. I am so glad we found a way for Amy to enjoy and experience snow this winter. We found her little skis at Next Adventure for a good price. They clip on to any sort of boots. When she got tired (theoretically) she could ride in the sled and we were able to cover a few miles this way several times. My preference is usually snowshoeing but I also tried cross country skis this year as well.

Pocket Creek- Mt. Hood

This was a family adventure! It is rare that my New Yorker Citified husband Gil joins us on our hikes and even rarer that he joins us on snow adventures because it is so much more difficult! He wanted to see Amy in action on her little skis.

Amy loves to take "deep snow breaks" where she takes her skis off and jumps in the deep snow.

It was a beautiful day, snowing just a little, but not too cold.

After hanging with mama in the snow eating lunch, Amy stops for yet another "deep snow break".

We pull a sled for Amy to take breaks in but she rarely wants to use it. It was great to find a friendly dog

Of course, it is essentially to stop for a doughnut at Joe's doughnut shop, ice cream, or a cookie on the way home. I always need some coffee for driving, so I usually try to reward us with a treat.

Snoqualmie Pass, WA
We headed out with some friends for a long snowshoe/ ski at Snoqualmie Pass in Washington.

This time the skis stayed on a little longer.

Amy likes to be the leader.

The kids found a snow tunnel to climb through

Our little friend used the smaller sled but when he was done, Amy decided she wanted to pull it

Mount Hood- Glacier View Snowpark, Trillium Lake, and Cooper's Spur Snowparks:

We had several snow adventures around Mt. Hood with our friend, Sarah. Glacier View was quite forested and fun- easily accessible.

Trillium Lake is always beautiful but the trip up the hill feels a bit long pulling a sled :-)

Cooper Spur was a bit of an off day for Amy, but the drive through the orchards dusted with snow made the day worthwhile!

My Favorite Snow Adventure of the Season- Maxwell Butte- Santiam Pass:

This was a longer drive than Mt. Hood but so worth it. The forest felt much wilder to me. The trails were groomed but narrow, not forest service roads. The day was sunny and amazing. We did not see too many glimpses of the mountain but had an amazing snow day together.

Of course deep snow breaks had to happen, and we made a tiny snowman which is always a hit. After one of our adventures, when asking Amy what she saw she got totally excited and said she saw "snow and snowballs and snowflakes and snowmen". She said this without taking a breath :-)

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