Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At least once a week I go on an adventure with my preschooler. To a preschooler everything is an adventure and she is always excited to put on her "adventure pants" and go. We hike most weekends- this is in her blood and started when she was five weeks old and up until I was 38 weeks pregnant. I am so proud of her for doing 5.5 miles on her own several weeks ago. We have also been skiing, camping, kayaking, roller skating, bowling, and biking. I thought it would be fun to post our experiences and pictures on this site- to encourage other parents to get out with their kids and give some ideas. I also learn so much mindfulness just from spending time in nature with my daughter. Come along and share the adventure with us!

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  1. Very cool! I love that you guys are on the go. What wonderful memories you are building!!! I think it's so important for the little ones to experience nature - and when we take them, we see beauty through their eyes, too, and get a brand-new perspective!