Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drift Creek Falls, Oregon Coast, and Salem Adventure

Drift Creek Falls
I have always wanted to visit Drift Creek Falls because of the waterfall and the suspension bridge but never had time to fit this into my coastal adventure. This weekend, the hike was the main attraction with the coast as an afterthought!

Amy stopped to admire the moss as always, she rode in the backpack a lot on this hike, I think it was the time of day (Nap time)

The ferns were lovely.

We made it to the suspension bridge which she greatly enjoyed of course!

We enjoyed "dipping our toes in for a dabble". (a very COLD dabble I might add!)

We enjoyed admiring the waterfall from underneath.

A chipmunk tried to steal our lunch.

Back to the amazing bridge.

Next stop....Lincoln City!
We went out onto the beach and made a fort in the sand. It was a great post hike lounge, just enjoying the wind, the sand, and the waves.

We decided it was too cold to wade in the ocean but did throw some rocks in.

After lounging on the beach and being creative with sand, we had a lovely dinner at Mo's.

We spent the night with Nana in Salem.

One more weekend adventure- World Beat Festival, Salem

We had never been to the world beat festival, but went to watch our favorite tap dancer, Sarah, perform. The festival was lovely- very family friendly and a lot of cultural pride.

Amy rode the Carousel for the first time after having been to Oaks Park and experiencing how much she enjoys rides!

She was afraid of the fountain, but I needed to cool off so she reluctantly let me take her through it :-). She continued to return to the drums and the Mancala game.

It was a very full weekend of fun! I saw the gift in the trail, the sand, the clam chowder and the dancing.
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