Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mom and daughter campout: Waterfalls, showers in the drips, and old growth amazement!

Earlier in June, my husband Gil had a Friday class. Since I had to take the day off work, I decided that Amy and I would head out to Lewis River Falls to go camping. We arrived Thursday night in the pouring rain. We had gotten a to go dinner at Safeway, so we did not have to cook. We arrived in time for dinner and put up our tent. By the time we got to the campground, it was only spitting, so we were able to eat without getting too wet and get the tent set up.

I could not find running water at the campground. There was a pump but it looked like it had been broken. Fortunately I had my backpacking filter, so that was an excuse for Amy to throw rocks into the water while I filtered the drinking water.

The outhouse was a little scary for Amy because it was dark and she is just getting used to using a potty. We had a glow in the dark bracelet that made the prospect much more motivating. She also was able to pee in the woods! I am excited for the day that my pack will be much lighter without any diapers!

We tried to make some popcorn for dessert but this was quite difficult because of how wet it was. Since we were both getting impatient, I set the popcorn pot directly on the fire, and the oil and popcorn caught fire in the pot. I put the fire out, but there was no saving our popcorn. We had S'mores instead.

We both slept great with the quiet and even slept a little later than usual. After a breakfast scramble off we went for a 7 mile hike! Our drive through the pouring rain on Thursday night was rewarded by Friday sunshine, the first real summery day.

One of Amy's favorite parts of hiking is crossing bridges, and there were quite a few on this hike. She walked between 4-5 miles, and I carried her the rest of the way in the backpack. We saw five waterfalls on this hike. They were all powerful and wonderful. This was our lunch stop.

Amy's favorite part of this hike was the moss and the "drips" coming down the side of the ridge. She stopped at all the trips to "shower in the drips". Amy and I both love moss.

It was also fun to get to see a snail. This is the first time I had seen one on the trail.

We returned to the tent in time for a nap and for me to get some needed reading and reflection time.

This hike was definitely a favorite of mine of all the hikes we have done together. We both love the beauty of the old growth forest, and there were still Trillium, a flower that Amy can identify and knows starts with "T". The river was beautiful!

We both slept well again and woke up early to head to Seattle for the WNBA Seattle Storm home opener game. The Storm won and we got to play in the fountain at Seattle Center which made for an excellent end to a fun adventurous weekend!
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