Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oneonta- The Fear Factor of the Gorge

Mom- I was so excited to have Amy ask me to go hiking! She requested Oneonta Gorge which we lovingly refer to as "The Fear Factor of the Gorge". Since I had a Monday off I thought it might be less crowded. We were past the 100 degree days and down to the high 70s/ low 80s. Off we went on an adventure.
Amy- We Went Over The Log Jam.
Mom- The gorge is so amazing- how much power went into water pushing huge logs down toward the river?
Amy- The Giant Rock.
Mom- We call this the "fear factor of the gorge" due to the challenge of climbing the log jam, swimming in deep water, and the screams above from the many people in Oneonta Gorge.
Mom- I love all the moss on the rocks and we saw the "hidden" waterfall in the distance that the masses come here to find.
Amy- The Water Was Not THAT Deep.
Amy- Not Very Deep.
Mom- but plenty COLD :-)
Amy- Our Obligatory Selfie.
Mom- The waterfall was beautiful- always worth the wade and the crowd. All part of a fun adventure.
Amy- I Got Close To The Waterfall.
Amy- More Logs.
Amy- Another Selfie.

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