Saturday, July 29, 2017

Royal Basin Pt 1

To support my self care habit, I have joined a great hiking group in Washington. They go to all of my favorite places. I was super excited to see the Royal Basin. We met up in Sequim and drove to trailhead to start a 7 mile hike to Royal Lake.
The forest was lovely with an unrelenting slow climb. I loved the Tiger Lillies.
There was lovely moss and rippling creeks and streams.
This forest was very much alive with sounds of water everywhere.
Before long our hard work of climbing paid off and we started seeing mountains through the trees.
We took plenty of breaks to catch our breath.
There were Columbine to enjoy along the way.
After about 6.5 miles we arrived at the lower basin with it's beautiful alpine meadows.
We took a break at this rock before continuing to Royal Lake.
The lake was so nice, surrounded by mountains with jumping fish.
I decided to take a swim!
It was a little on the cold side but nothing compared to glacier fed streams. I liked that it got deep quickly.
After setting up camp we just relaxed, explored around the lake, and took naps.
I checked out the other side of the lake.
On the way to the privy there was a large bolder.
The view from the "ranger station" which was a tent on a platform.
We cooked dinner and enjoyed the reflection on the lake.
Many deer wandered through camp, we had to hide any straps that might tempt them to eat our salty gear.
We continued to enjoy watching the reflection and the sky.
One more picture of the lake the next day.

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