Sunday, July 9, 2017

Enjoying Dog Mountain

I set off earlyish on a random Thursday to one of the most beautiful places on the Washington side of the gorge, Dog Mountain.
I had been putting this trip off because it is so hard to find parking at the trailhead and it is a steep climb. But I felt ready.
I was at the lower Dog viewpoint before I knew it. This is the awesome view down river.
The last of the Balsomroot greeted me at the edge of the meadow leading to the top.
This is the view up to the top.
The paintbrush and purple flowers were lovely.
I enjoyed several Columbine flowers.
More beautiful flowers.
The view of the Columbia River below.
The last time I was here I was carrying a baby in a front pack. Sometimes I miss those baby days but I am glad to enjoy adventures with my family and more challenging hikes on my own.
I continued to climb, feeling strong and loving the views below.
The trail meandered up through the wildflower meadow- many of the flowers are done for the season but I enjoyed what was left.
I continued to the top of the meadow enjoying the flowers and feeling on top of the world.
The tip of Mt. Hood.
Mt. St. Helens.
It is excellent hiking with kids and also taking time to hike my own hike and honoring my needs for self care.
I wandered across the meadow not wanting to miss any part of this high viewpoint.
The flowers are still beautiful.
Mt. Defiance make this hike seem much easier.
After spending plenty of time on top, I hiked back across to take the longer less steep route down through the woods.
I continued to be wowed by the flowers.
Lower in the woods, they are hearty and growing as well, despite the many people who visit this spot.
I continued down, enjoying this day to hike my own hike and noticing the flowers as I went.
What a lovely day to spend hiking. I am grateful for my husband for caring for my young ones while I work and when I get a morning off to hike.
I hope to be back next year at the peak of the season for wildflowers but am grateful to have the chance to see it now.

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